Monday, March 7, 2016

Chickoo Dates Milk Shake 2.

Chilled Chickoo / Sapota Dates Milk Shake 2 ........ Topped with Date Syrup And Chickoo Pieces .........

I have already posted Chickoo Dates Milk Shake before. This is enjoyed the most in my home during fasting days. The milk shake is very filling and wards off hunger pangs if any, for hours to come. Many a time during fasting, all people think about is food, though they may not be really hungry, physiologically the mind starts playing games. So I always make any fruit milk shake adding dates and have it at around noon and then I can keep going till night without any problem or feeling hungry. Today being Maha Shivaratri I prepared Chickoo Dates Milk Shake with some changes from my first version of the same. So this one is recommended for all those who feel they cannot fast, as they keep feeling hungry. Try it you will not only not feel hungry but will feel refreshed too. In my first version I had added more chickoos and less of dates, also I had added date syrup. But in this version, I have added more dates, also not the syrup, but the large dark Arabian variety that is very bulky in texture and fibrous too. Happy fasting …. Well there is actually no rule that you should have these only during fasts, you can have them whenever you wish to go light on stomach. Cheers … Enjoy the Shake and do let me know by leaving a comment.

Wash and peel off the skin (I retain them as, I feel they contain lots of vitamins and fiber) of 4-6 large sized ripe chickoos / sapota and remove the inner white pith and discard the seeds too. Chop them into fine pieces. Put the pieces in a blender with 4 tblsp of sugar, 15-18 soft and dark variety kajoor (Arabian dates) and grind to a smooth paste. Add a little bit of milk only if necessary.

Once the chickoo and dates are ground to a very fine puree, then add in 2-3 full cups of cold milk (I have added skimmed milk) and blend all together into a smooth shake. 

Pour out into a vessel and check consistency and sweetness, if needed add more sugar and water. Serve chilled topped with dates syrup (Optional) and some finely chopped pieces of chickoos. Serves about 6 small glasses.

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