Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Shevai With Mushroom And Spring Onion Songa.

Mushroom Spring Onion Songa - A Spicy Curry Served With ....... Shevai made from White Ukda Rice ........

I have already posted the method of preparing ukda rice shevai and mushroom spring onion songa as different post here. Shevai is one of the most famous breakfast dish of Amchi’s. There are many types of shevai prepared with various combinations. 

Here I have posted a picture of White Ukda Rice Shevai, I prepared and served with Mushroom And Spring Onion Songa. The bland shevai goes very well with spicy curries or pickle though my Mom loves it simply adding coconut oil. Each individual has his or her own choice of combinations for this shevai, which easily adapts to any combination. 

I have posted the link to both the recipes below, so please go through the links for the recipes. Also do try out shevai and do not loose heart if you go wrong while preparing the same initially. You can always message me or leave a word in the comment box, if you need any verification. 

** For the Mushroom Spring Onion Songa Recipe, Please follow the link given below …

** For the Method of Making Shevai or White Ukda Rice Shevai, Please follow the link given below ….

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