Monday, January 25, 2016

Bibbe Upkari With Poori.

Cashew Nuts + Gherkins (Ivy Gourd) Bhaji / Bibbo + Tendle (Tondli) Upkari With Multigrain Atta Poori .........

Fond memories fills my mind whenever I just think of Bibbe Upkari. My father’s favorite dish wash bibbe upkari with poori. I can hardly remember any function without this item. My father always used to store atleast 15 kgs of the dried skinned cashews from karwar. 

The purchase was during April month, so it was dried once again for 2 days in full sunlight and then stored in tight biscuit dabbas / tins and stored for the year. The cashews very soaked in water overnight and we children had the task or removing the skins once they were loosened the next day.

That is the real method of preparing the dish which has changed over times, due to lack of manpower and time. Now we just soak cashew nuts for 2 hours and prepare it without any hazzels. There is off course a very minute difference in taste. But then considering the facts, that’s it … we still enjoy it with hot fluffy poori.

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