Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Orange Chana Dal And Rava Khichidi With Urad Maida Dosa.

Orange Flavoured Sweet Chana Dal + Bansi Rava Khichidi With Urad + Maida Polo / Dosa .......... Definitely a great Combo ........  

It's Margashirsha / Dhanurmasa Month considered very holy in Hindus which falls somewhere mid December to mid January. During this month we prepare sweet khichidi in different combinations .... So here is Khichidi with a twist and urad maida dosa as a combo.

I have already posted before this awesome combination of Khichidi and polo (Dosa). So I will not go into further details of the same. I am posted the links below that are in connection with the recipes posted in similar lines. Please do go through them for the recipes.

I have given the link for the orange flavoured chana dal and bansi rava khichidi too. This one is a new try of mine to give a distinct flavour to the khichidi. As oranges are in season, I have prepared the same with fresh orange juice. Going to try many more varieties. Will post it as soon as I prepare. Please leave a comment on the blog and let know how the dishes turned out. Thank you.

** For Orange flavoured chana dal Bansi rava khichidi Recipe, Please go to the link given below 

** For the Urad Maida Dosa Recipe, Please go to the link given below ……

** For the details of Sweet khichid with urad dal maida dosa, Please go the link given below 

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