Thursday, December 17, 2015

Dhania Chaas.

Dhania Chaas / Coriander Buttermilk ....

Chaas or lassi is simply thick curds churned adding some water and spices or sugar. There are many variations in preparation of Chaas. Chaas or buttermilk is a drink had in almost every household throughout India. In southern parts of India, it is always served after lunch. While in northern parts of India it is had at mid breaks or is served to guest when they drop in. Chaas is a bit thicker compared to buttermilk. Also chaas is served both sweet as well as spiced depending upon individual liking. This one is a sweet lassi, with added flavour of coriander leaves. This is excellent to be had at mid break of the day. That is a few hours after breakfast and before few hours of lunch. Its quite a filling drink and satisfies the urge of hunger pangs that comes up sometimes during long time duration's between breakfast and lunch. A glass of this chaas keeps you going till lunch time.

Dhania Chaas is very simple to make. Take 2 cups of thick curds (I used curds made of skimmed milk) add 1 cup of water and beat well. If you find the chaas too thick you can add another quarter cup of water or so. The curds should be beaten to a smooth mixture. Add ½ cup of sugar and mix well. Grind 1 cup of coriander leaves to a fine paste with a little bit of water and add this paste to the prepared chaas. The Dhania Sweet Chaas is ready. Keep this in the refrigerate to be cooled. 

To Serve : Add a tsp of chaat masala to each glass of Chilled Dhania Chaas just before serving. Mix well and serve immediately.

** Note: You can also check up on the Recipe for spicy Chaas, known as Matta if you do not like sweet Chaas. For the recipe of Matta A Spicy Masala Buttermilk, Please follow the link given below ……… 

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