Monday, December 28, 2015

Custard with fruits salad and Jelly.

Vanilla Flavoured Custard With Fresh and Dry Fruits Salad And Raspberry Jelly ......

Fruit salads are usually served topped with jelly. Prepared Raspberry Jelly out of ready made packet available in stores. 

I have already posted the recipe of vanilla flavoured custard with fresh and dry fruits, so will not repeat the same. I have given the link to the recipe below for the same. Please do follow the link. 

For preparing Raspberry jelly, just pour the contents of the packet into a box. Boil water and pour over the powder and mix well, till evenly mixed. Allow to cool, the jelly gets done very quickly. Cover it with tight lid and keep it in the refrigerator to chill. Follow the instructions on the packet.

For serving : Just add the vanilla flavoured custard along with the fresh and dry fruits salad to 2/3 level of the bowl in which you want to serve the dessert. Top with jelly and sprinkle some roasted dry fruits on top. 

** For the Custard Fruit Salad With Fresh fruits And Dry Fruits Recipe, Please follow the link given below …....

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