Saturday, December 26, 2015

Custard Fruit Salad.

Chilled Custard Fruit Salad With Fresh fruits And Dry Fruits .......

Fruits salad is one of my favourite desserts. I prefer it to Ice Cream. Fruits salad can be served as it is, by sweetening it a bit or topped with ice cream (any flavoured preferably vanilla). Custard is another dessert prepared out of milk adding the ready made custard powder. The prepared custard is cooled / chilled along with chopped fruits of your choice and served chilled as dessert. Almost all love this dessert. Here I have given in brief the method of preparing the custard. However, I suggest you to follow the method / instructions given on the box for preparing the custard. As different brands have sometimes different methods.

For the Custard : Prepare the custard as per the directions on the packet. I prepared Vanillas custard the previous night so that I could chill it properly. You can add a little bit of more custard powder than what is mentioned on the packet if you want thicker custard. 

My method of preparing custard is : Heat 1 litre of skimmed milk and bring to a boil. Boil for 5 minutes and add 2 cups of sugar and mix well till the sugar gets mixed with the milk well. Lower the heat to minimum. 

Meanwhile, In a small bowl mix 4 tblsp of vanilla custard powder with 1 cup of water. See to it that there are no lumps. The mixture should be smooth, now add it to the milk, and mix well. Keep the heat low. Mix well, increase the heat to medium, and keep stirring until the milk gets thickened. Now lower the heat and keep stirring until the milk is really custard thick in consistency. Remove from heat and let cool completely. Keep stirring often so that there is no layer formed on top. When completely cooled, pour it in a box with tight lid and refrigerate overnight.

Next morning, chop / cut into bite pieces your favourite fruits and mix well. I added one medium sized musk melon (Chibbad), Black grapes, apple and one large sized pomegranate seeds. Musk melon should be peeled, the inner seeds discarded and cut, while you can retain the apple skin. Black grapes were large, so I cut them into half. You can add any fruits of your choice, like mangoes, chickoo, orange segments, bananas pears etc. Mix all well. You can add some sugar to the mixed fruits also. I have not added any sugar as my custard had enough of sugar content in it to go along with the fruits too.

Now chop walnuts, almonds, dried grapes, pista, cashews etc. of your choice. You can add some melon seeds too. Roast all the dry fruits for a few minutes and allow to cool completely. You should have altogether about 1 cup of these. 

Mix the fruits, dry fruits and the custard …. all together well. Again, keep this covered in the refrigerator for 4-5 hours before serving them. Serve chilled in individual glasses topped with some dry fruits.

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