Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Churmundo with Masala Milk Powder.

Churmundo..(Besan+Wheat + Rava Laddoo)..adding Masala milk powder .......

Churmundo recipe is the same posted previously which is one is my Mom’s special signature recipe. I just tweaked it a little bit and made it healthier …. Here is 2 in 1 Laddoo ….. with a little bit of twist adding Masala Milk Powder which I prepare at home. I once again repeat that a little bit of practice is necessary while binding the laddoos if you want to prepare them on drier side ie. without too much ghee. Adding of more ghee enables a person to bind them easily. However, the trick or rather taste lies in binding them with minimum quantity of ghee which is a bit difficult. So one can always start by adding in a little bit more or ghee and then once they get the grip of making it, can do by decreasing the amount of ghee. Here is the method of preparing churmundo's adding masala milk powder ....

Ghee – 3/4th cup (melted)
Besan – 1/4th cup
Rava – 3/4th cup
Wheat Flour / Atta – 2 cups heaped.
Cardamom Powder – 1/2 tsp.
Sugar Powder – 1.5 Cups.
Raisins (Optional) – ½ cup.
Colour (Optional) – pinch of orange colour.
Masala Milk Powder ** – ½ Cup

Heat ghee (should be thinned / melted by heating before measuring) add besan / gram flour and fry well till there is a nice aroma on medium heat, this takes about 10 minutes. Add in the rava and fry for another 5-10 minutes. Add in a pinch of orange colour if adding now. Mix well, Now add the fresh wheat flour / Atta, little by little mixing well and fry till the colour changes to a bit brownish. The kitchen should be full of aroma. Add cardamom powder. Remove from heat. 

Add the sieved powdered sugar, masala milk powder and mix well with hands (be careful as this is hot). Add some raisins too if you like now (its Optional). The sugar should be well kneaded into the mixture. Take a handful of mixture and bind to ladoos immediately by gently pressing and putting pressure on it. You will get about 40 small ladoos as shown in pic.

Note : It takes a little bit of practice to be able to bind ladoos a bit dryer ie with less quantity of ghee. So if you find the mixture too dry and are not able to bind the ladoos you can add some hot thinned ghee and mix well. This will help in binding of the laddoos. 

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