Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Crispy Microwaved Masala Cashews.

Crispy Microwaved Masala Cashews ..... One more in the Series of Microwaved Dishes ........ Crispy Microwaved Cashews Seasoned with Salt And Pepper Powder ......

Looks like I am obsessed with Microwaving. I sometimes wonder why I never took to it so enthusiastically before. Having had Microwave Oven for the last 18 yrs, all I did was reheat, fry groundnuts at times or some pappads etc.It is now that I am really discovering its benefits. Guess One has to have both the time and the appreciation to continue in cooking activities. Life had been so busy that I could not venture much into new fields and technologies in cooking. 

This recipe was really a breeze work. After microwaving for almost the whole of last week, today I just wondered what else to do, when I noticed the whole cashews that were in the fridge. So thought why not try the Masala Cashews and enjoy with some juice at mid break in my office. So just went ahead and prepared them and I am so happy with the results that I am sure to make them at least once or twice a month hence forth.

I Just put about 300 gms of whole cashews in a microwave safe bowl. Added 1 tblsp of oil and mixed it well to evenly coat all the cashew nuts. Then micro waved it on high for 5 minutes. Mixed well and again micro waved it further for 5 minutes ..... repeated till done at the interval of 3 and 2 mins., so as to not burn them by keeping the timings at longer intervals. This also ensures even browning of the cashew nuts. It took me around 18-20 minutes. However, timings differ from oven to oven, so when you do it for the first time just keep a close watch over the cashew nuts when they are in the oven. 

Midway, when it crossed 15 mins., I Just added salt and pepper powder and mixed it well before starting the process again. Finally, I left the cashews in the oven to cool for 5 minutes before removing it on an absorbent paper. 

I am immensely pleased with the crunchiness of the cashew nuts and also it pleased me a lot as it was almost oil free. Do try out this one and enjoy with a good book which is long overdue to be read. Come winter season and they are good for health as they create heat in the body. You can enjoy these cashews with some hot soup as an accompaniment too.

Note : You can any spice powder of your choice. It is always individual preference. I sometimes sprinkle chilly powder, salt along with some hing powder too. Tastes yumz. Check the picture above.

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