Friday, October 30, 2015

Sweet Khichidi With Urad+Maid Polo And Coconut Chutney

Sweet Khichidi With Urad + Maida Polo / Dosa And Coconut Chutney ........ 

Whenever I prepare Godi Khichidi for Naivedyam, I also make Urad + Maida Dosa which makes a great combo ....... So here is Chana Dal And Rava Sweet Khichidi With Ellacihi Bananas (Small Variety Bananas) With Urad + Maida Dosa And Coconut Chutney .....

Khichidi polo is a famous combo dish during the month of khichidi masa ie. Maagh Month (December). I prepare this often but also make some chutney for added variation as khichidi is sweet.

I have already posted the method of preparing both sweet khichidi and urad + maida dosa. So I am just going to add in the links here. Please do follow the links for the recipe and enjoy this delicious combination of Dosa with sweet khichidi with you family. I assure you children and elders both will like this very much. 

You can serve Khichidi as it is also without the dosa. In fact many a times it is served just as an in between sweet dish along with lunch during festive times.

** For the Sweet Khichidi Recipe, Please follow the following link ………..

** For the Urad + Maida Dosa Recipe, Please follow the following link ……..

** For the Coconut Chutney Recipe, Please follow any of the following link …….. 

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