Saturday, October 24, 2015

Noglekana Gashi Ambado Ghalnu-Lady Fish Curry With Hogplum.

"Noglekana Gashi Ambado Ghalnu / Kane Gashi / Lady Fish Curry With Hogplum" .......

This is one of our favourite fish and we make it very often. I have already posted the recipe for the same before, hence will give only the link to the Recipe.

The only difference in this recipe is I have added ambado / hogplum for bringing in sourness to the curry. 

Whereas in the previous recipe I had added tamarind while grinding. Ambado / hogplum is seasonal ie it is usually available during the monsoon season. So during the other time we use other ingredients to bring in the sourness to the curry.

If adding ambado / hogplum, just wash and wipe clean 3-4 ambados and mash them slightly with a heavy stone or some heavy weight. Add them to the ground gravy and bring it to boil and then add in salt to taste and the fish pieces. 

Rest of the recipe remains the same. Serve it hot with freshly cooked steaming hot rice.

Note: For the Recipe of Kane-Noglekana-Lady-fish gashi, please refer to the following link ….

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