Friday, October 23, 2015

Moong Dal Usli Grilled Sandwich.

Moong Dal Usli Grilled Sandwich ...... A typically Amchi Sandwich I should say maybe.

Sandwiches are every body’s favourite, though they are a bit rare in my house. Our breakfast mainly consists of Idly, dosa, poori, omeltte etc. However I always liked sandwiches when laziness creep in me or as in between snack. Fresh sandwich Is always what I like as sandwiches when carried in lunch box or for that matter kept aside for some time turn out soggy and is not upto anybody’s liking in my house.

Sometimes if we have had to go to attend functions and have had a heavy lunch I prefer to have a light sandwich in the night. Recently however, the changing trends have made me wonder why should sandwich be always with cheese, cucumber, chutney etc. Why not give them some different fillings and try to make it more wholesome.

I have always liked moong dal usli with roti. On one such occasion due to shortage of roti, I had to bring in some extra bread to see to it that everybody has a tummy full of food. To my astonishment everybody enjoyed the fried bread with moong usli much more than with the roti. So the next time I prepared moong dal usli, I decided to prepare grilled sandwich with the same as filling. The result was an excellent, yummy and fantstic tasty sandwich, which was wholesome with nutrients too. I am going to not stop here, but try some new and much more healthier sandwiches giving them completely Amchi touch. Till then enjoy these Moong dal filled Grilled Sandwiches.

Apply tomato ketchup on two bread slices. Take some moong dal usli, and spread it evenly on one of the slice of bread over the ketchup. Take care to see that you apply a thick coat of the usli. Top it with the other slice of bread, taking care to see that the ketchup side is inside. Apply and bit of melted ghee / butter on outer sides of the bread slices and grill them on a griller till done. 

Remove and cut it with a sharp knife into two triangles. Serve hot as a snack with some tomato ketchup or coriander chutney. Kids will love them and you can also rest assured that you are serving them healthier food. 

Note : While preparing the moong dal usli for sandwich see to it that you add finely chopped green chillies instead of slit green chillies. In case you have already added slit green chillies, just take care to see that you remove them before putting them inside bread slices. It is unpleasant to eat it in sandwich and children will find it spicier while bitting into the chillies in the sandwich.

Note: For the Moong Dal Usli Recipe, Please refer to the following link ……

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