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Banana Goli-bajo with Filter Coffee And Tomato Ketchup.

Banana Goli-bajo (Fritters) with Filter Coffee And Tomato Ketchup ......

Goli bajo are deep fried fritters famous in Southern Parts of India especially in Mangalore. They are are round and spongy in texture and are usually served at tea time as a snack. People of all ages enjoy this spongy bajia very much. For the Goli bajo to be obtained evenly round is an art that has to be practiced with trial and error. Initially they may come out in different vague shapes, as both practice and the texture of the batter has to correct for the same. But do not loose heart, as the taste will not differ in any way. Once you try them for a few times, you will master them and will be happy to see them turning round in the hot oil. Do given them a try. I have already posted the recipe of Goli bajo before here in my Blog. This one is a bit different from the original one. Most of the recipe remains same except for the addition of banana which gives in more of sponginess.

Beat ¼ cup of curds to a smooth paste, now add one small ripe banana or ½ only if the banana is larger in size, mashed well along with 1 tbsp of prepared hing water or 1 tsp of hing powder, salt to taste, 5-6 green chillies chopped fine or cut into rings, 5-6 fresh curry leaves cut into small pieces, ¼ tsp of cooking soda powder to the curds. Mix all to a smooth mixture. Now add in 1 cup of Maida, 1 tblsp of besan (Chane peeta / Bengal gram flour) and mix in well to make it into a thick smooth batter. If the mixture is too thick you can add in some water to get the correct texture. The mixture should be a little bit thicker than our Idly batter. Keep this batter covered aside for an hour. 

In a thick bottomed kadai heat oil to smoking point, lower the heat, wait for 5 minutes before you start frying the goli bajes. While ready to fry keep beside the goli baje mixture a flat plate in which a cup of water is added. 

Precaution : Now dip the palm of your hand in water, to just about get a thin film of water in your hands. This procedure is followed to be able to remove the batter smoothly in one go and leave it gently into the oil, it slips of easily if the hand is a little bit wet. Take care to see that there is no water dripping from your hands at any point or take care to see that the hand is not very wet (dripping wet), else the water will drop in hot oil and the oil may splash on your hands and give you blisters. If not comfortable with this method, you can skip it off to avoid mishaps. No harm. You may follow it later on once you practice the art of letting the batter into the oil gently. If still not comfortable, use a large tablespoon. It is always safer to use the method one is comfortable with than follow blindly what is suggested.

Now take a spoonful of batter smoothly rubbing it slightly on the rim of the bowl and leave it gently into the hot oil. You may add 7-8 goli bajes at a time. Off course the amount of goli bajes to be added into the oil depends upon the size and the amount of oil added in the Kadai. Plus or minus quantity of the goli bajes as per the size of the kadai used. Do not at any point over crowd the kadai. 

The goli bajes when dropped in oil will turn round and rise up, leave a few seconds before you add the next goli baje into the oil to avoid them sticking to each other. Deep fry the goli bajes on medium heat stirring often to evenly brown them on all sides. Main the heat level of the oil at the same temperature to avoid the goli baje soaking in extra oil. 

When done remove with the help of a slotted spatula and put it on a absorbent paper to let the excess oil drain off. The goli baje’s are ready to be served. Serve hot with any chutney of your choice or tomato ketchup. 

Note: For the Recipe added earlier in this Blog of the Original Goli Baje without adding Banana Please follow the following link .....

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