Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Strawberry Crush Topped With Mosambi Juice.

Chilled Strawberry Crush Topped With Fresh Mosambi Juice ..........

Prepare fresh juice out of 4 large sized mosambi and add sugar to taste. Do not add more sugar as the strawberry crush also contains sugar and when you mix it, it will be too sweet. Strain the Juice, do not add any water as we want the juice to remain thick. 

Keep both the mosambi juice and the strawberry crush in the fridge to get chilled at least for 3-4 hours. Strawberry crush is available readily in the market and is thick in texture.

When both have been chilled remove them from the fridge. In medium sized glasses, Pour in first the strawberry crush to fill in just about ¼ level of the glass. Let it settle a bit. Then slowly pour the mosambi juice over it by holding the glass a bit tilted lest it may get mixed with the crush. 

A little bit of the juice does get mixed with the juice. Do not shake the glasses much. Serve immediately along with a stirrer so that it can mixed gently and sipped while enjoying its flavour. You can mix the two with the stirrer completely or a little bit as you sip it. The choice is yours. Both taste equally good. 

Enjoy this chilled drink during summers when you are bored with having mosambi juice as it is. The change in taste does give a lift to the mosambi juice which Is abundantly available during monsoon season. Remember to serve the drink very chilled. However, do not add in any ice cubes as it will spoil the juice texture, by immediately mixing up the two. Enjoy !!

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