Thursday, September 3, 2015

Patrado with Cauliflower Leaves


Tava Fried Patrado made using Cauliflower Leaves ............
I have prepared this patrado using cauliflower leaves instead of colocasia leaves. The rest of the recipe remains the same as of the colocasia leaves patrado. However I have tava fried these after slicing them and rolling them on fine rava. These patrado slices taste best only when they are tava fried as the cauliflower leaves are a bit thicker in texture than the colocasia leaves. 

Wash and soak overnight or for 6-8 hrs. 1 cup of Whole Moong in plenty of water. Soak ½ cup of rice next morning for 1-2 hrs. Next day wash moong well again and drain properly in a colander. Also drain the soaked rice and keep ready. Remove the stem and thick viens of 10-12 large sized cauliflower leaves. Wash well (gently) and allow the water to drip off by keeping it slant on an inverted vessel or anywhere else suitable to you. 

To be ground : Grind 4 cups of grated coconut with 10-12 green chillies or 12-15 kashmiri red chilly (plus or minus depending upon individual taste), lemon sized tamarind (do add tamarind of a small lemon size, it’s necessary to remove the itchiness if any in the leaves) 2 tsp of hing powder to a coarse paste. The paste should not be too coarse nor too smooth. Add very little water, it should be of paste consistency. Remove in a vessel. Grind the Moong and rice together to a smooth paste. Remove and add it to the ground paste. Add salt to taste and mix well. The paste should be of thick consistency, so do not add water. 

Keep one large cauliflower leaf with the vein side on top. Spread the paste. Now top it with another leaf, in similar pattern and apply the paste on it. Repeat with another leaf a bit smaller in size and again apply the ground paste. Fold the sides at full length and then start rolling from the other way. The rolls should be tight enough or it will open up while steaming. I have posted pictures to help you learn the process. However, I suggest you watch any video on You tube once on application of the paste on leaf, clearly and you will come to know the exact method. Cut rolls into two with a serrated knife in the centre. Put the Steaming vessel / Pedavana with enough water and bring the water to boil, lower the heat and gently keep the cut patrades in the steamer / pedavana by placing the cut side on top. This is necessary as if you keep it the other way the masala will drop into the water of the steamer. If not comfortable in using this method and if the rolls are small just place them whole inside the pedavana. 

Now close the pedavana and bring it to full heat once again until you see steam escaping out of the vessel then keep the flame on medium and cook for 30-45 minutes. When done remove the lid and let cool a bit before you remove it onto a plate. 

Now bring it to complete room temperature. Then slice them into rings and keep aside. You can keep the patrades in the fridge before you slice them as this helps in slicing them evenly and finely.

Now roll the sliced patrades on fine rava and fry them on a tava with 1-2 tblsp of oil applied to the tava. Drop some on the top of the patrade slices and then flip them over and fry till crisp on both sides. Serve hot at lunch time with Dal and chawal.

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