Saturday, August 29, 2015

Sprouted Moong Sannapolo.

Sprouted Moong Sannapolo ....... a healthier version of sannapolo with a little bit of twist ...... it has less oil, is good for diabetic, hypertension, thyroid, BP as well as obesity patients ...... OK .... now you will question how ???? ... well I have used non stick pan .... so less oil .... used sprouted moong ...... so more healthy .... and best of all I have not used any coconut here ... instead i have used poha for the same ..........

Sannapolo is a spicy dosa that is served during lunch / dinner time as an accompaniment to Rice and dal along with other curries. The original recipe calls for coconut while grinding the masala. I have already posted  many version's of sannapolo here before. This one is a another different invention of the same. Here to avoid coconut I have added here poha as an variation. The result was soft sannapolo with hardly any difference. However if you do not want to add poha or it is not to your liking just leave out poha while grinding and add 1 cup of freshly grated coconut instead.

Soak one cup of poha / pova in a vessel with one cup of water mixing well. Keep aside to get soaked in properly. 

In a mixer add 2-3 cups of sprouted moong, the soaked poha, 7- 8 red chillies chopped to pieces, 2 tblsp of hing water or 2 tsp of hing powder, one small marble sized ball of tamarind and grind to a coarse paste. You can add in 2 tsp of coconut if you wish, I have not. Remove and add salt to taste and mix well. The consistency of the mixture should be that of bhakri. You should be able to roll it into a soft loose ball in your hand. 

Heat a non stick tava, when hot, lower heat, apply a bit of oil and spread it thinly all over. Roll a cup full of mixture in your hands and put it in the center of the tava. Press it with a little bit of wet palms into round shape. Be careful as the tava is hot. This will knead a bit of practice. Once you learn, it is really not that difficult. 

Drop some oil all round the sannapolo and sprinkle some on top of it too. Cook on medium heat till done on the bottom side. Then gently remove and flip over with the help of a spatulla. Do not make large sized sannapolo’s as it will be difficult to flip over as the texture of the dosa is soft and coarse. In which case it may break. Once evenly cooked and crispy on both top and bottom side the sannapolo is ready. Serve hot as an accompaniment with Dal Chawal. This is a spicy polo supposed to be served at lunch / dinner time. 

Note: This mixture should be used immediately after preparing. At no point should it be left outside at room temperature as the poha and moong both start getting fermented and will give a bit of odd smell. So if not using immediately plz. Keep it in the Fridge but for not more than 6-8 hours.

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