Saturday, July 4, 2015

Salla Upkari / Brined Tender Raw Jackfruit Bhaji.

Salla Upkari / Brined Tender Raw Jackfruit Bhaji ............

Tender raw jackfruit is brined and used in many recipes. The outer spiked skin is removed, the inner most seed also removed. The fleshy portion has to be removed with is embedded between some flesh strips which has to be also discarded as it is not edible. Then the jackfruit pieces are cleared of any excess strips of pith that stuck to the tender jackfruit and brined. You can start using them within a month’s time.

I am posting here one of the most simple yet tasty upkari made from brined tender raw jackfruit here. Rember to soak the brined jackfruit pieces in plenty of water to remove the excess saltiness of the brined jacfruit pieces. Brined jackfruit pieces tend to be very salty. So soak them in water, drain off the water and again soak in water. Repeat a few times. The jackfruit pieces by now will have lost most of the excess saltiness. Now the jackfruit pieces are ready to be used. 

After washing and preparing the raw tender brined jackfruit in plenty of water, cut them into strips of medium sized thickness. You should have about 4-5 cups of the strips of jackfruit pieces.

Heat 1 tblsp oil in a deep thick bottomed kadai / pan. When hot add 1 tsp rai (sasam), when they splutter lower the heat and add 3-4 red chillies cut to pieces, pinch of haldi powder, 1 tsp of hing powder and 6-8 curry leaves. Fry for a minute and add in the cut jackfruit pieces. Mix well. Cover and let cook on its own. Sprinkle water only if necessary ie. if you find the jackfruit pieces sticking / burnt at the bottom of the kadai. 

Check and add salt to taste. It may not be necessary to add salt sometimes. When done garnish with some freshly grated coconut (optional). Mix well and serve hot with Dalitoy and Rice or any other dish of your choice but goes best with Dal-Chawal.

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