Saturday, July 4, 2015

Perfect Egg Rolls.

Perfect Egg Rolls made on round pan ...... with Tomato Ketchup .....

I have never ever eaten an Egg Roll to date and have no knowledge of the same. However always used to wonder what they are. Egg rolls are prepared with seasoned beaten eggs and are the same as the omelette we prepared except for the fact that they are rolled over to a roll the minute the bottom of egg poured on pan gets cooked. And the egg batter is kept adding on one side so that you keep repeating the rolling process till you get a good 3-4 layers rounded roll.

Please do watch any You Tube video to get the exact picture of the same. The rolls are usually prepared in square pans as rolling of the egg becomes easy, however since I do not have an square pan I made this one on a round non stick pan. I watched many demos on You Tube and finally prepared this roll and to was surprised at the final product. The Rolls were really soft and yummy.

For the Egg Rolls : In a glass bowl add three whole eggs, ¼ cup of milk, pinch of salt, ¼ tsp of roughly crushed black pepper powder and beat well. Keep aside.

Chop 1 large or 2 medium sized onions to very fine pieces. Chop one tomato also to very fine pieces after discarding off the center seeds. Cut to green chillies also to very fine pieces. All the three onion, tomato and chillies should be finely cut so that the rolls to not break on rolling. Add all to the beaten eggs and mix well. 

Heat a large sized non stick pan to smoking point, then lower the heat to minimum. Apply ghee with a brush all over the pan. Pour 2 ladle full of the egg batter into the round pan swirling it into shape. If not tilt the pan so that the egg batter gets evenly round. Let cook on medium heat. 

When the bottom part of the omelette gets cooked. Gently run the spatula all round the omelette. Start rolling the omelette gently into a roll from one side ie. from right to left till you reach the center point of the omelette. Press down flatly the rolled egg roll omelette.

Stop rolling the omelette and gently shift the omelette towards the right side. The omelette will look like a roll on one side with semi circle on the left side. Now brush some ghee on the pan that is open and pour another ladle full of the egg batter on that side taking care to not pour on the semi circle part of the omelette but sealing them at the same time. I have added step by step pictures for the benefit of understanding the process. 

Shift the pan a bit so that the heat is centered towards the newly added egg batter. This is done to ensure that the batter cooks fast and also the rolled part of the omelette roll does not get overcooked or burnt. 

Keep repeating the process till all the egg batter is used and you are able to prepare the rolls. 

Now gently tilt the pan and slip the egg roll into the serving plate. Give slant cuts to the roll. Serve the Egg Roll hot with some tomato ketchup. 

Though the method seems a bit tedious, but once achieved it really gives a great satisfaction while munching on the soft rolls. And with practice one is able to do this faster. So if you love eggs in any form especially omelette style please do give this a try. You will definitely crave for more.

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