Friday, July 3, 2015

Jamun Juice with mint flavour.

Jamun Juice with mint flavour ....... A healthy drink ..........

Jamun is considered very good for health as it balances the heat in the body and is good for the stomach. There so many health benefits of this small fruit which is dark purple in colour. Useful in the treatment of diabeties too. This fruit is available mostly during the summer months and is found in many regions of India. The seed of the fruit also has medicinal properties and is used for the same.

I have used 12 large sized jamuns that were very fleshly and tasty. Remove the pulp of the fruit and discard the center seed. See to it that you remove as much as the fleshly portion as possible. 

Put the removed fleshy part in blender add a cup of sugar (plus or minus depending upon the sweetness of the jamun) and put in a few leaves of mint and run the blender till you get a smooth paste of the jamun.

Remove in a jar, add in 2-3 cups of water, check sweetness and thickness. The juice should not be too thin not too thick. Keep it in the fridge to chill. Serve chilled with a few ice cubes.

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