Saturday, June 20, 2015

Watermelon with Salt and Pepper Powder.

Take a Break and Enjoy these " Juicy Watermelon / Kalingana Pieces Sprinkled with Rock Salt / Kala Namak and Coarsely Crushed Black Pepper Powder ... Tastes Yummy and is good in replacing water balance in body .... 

Come summer and one sees loads and loads of watermelon arranged on roadsides in India especially on highways. Watermelon is a large fruit, the size of a football which has high water content. It has a thick skin / rind usually dark green in colour, though lighter green coloured one’s are available too. It is made up of lots of water and sugar. It is considered very good for diet as it does contain some minerals and antioxidants but also very low in calories.


It has a dark red coloured pulpy fruit inside with has lots of little black seeds within too. The seeds have to be discarded while eating. Watermelon is eaten with relish during summer months. It is good for dehydrated bodies as it provides with lot of water, nutrients and quenches the thirst. Though many like it’s taste fresh and as it is, some prefer it with a dash of  table salt / kala namak / roack salt and pepper powder sprinkled on it. 

Many items are prepared using watermelon. You can prepare juice, Popsicle, sorbets, salads etc. Here I am just posting watermelon served with a dash of salt and pepper powder sprinkled on it. Other items will soon follow as and when I prepare them. Do enjoy the fruit.

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