Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Pudina (Mint) Gongura (Sorrel leaves) Egg Curry with Ghee Rice.

Pudina (Mint) Gongura (Sorrel leaves / Ambadi / Pulicha Keerai) Egg Curry ......... with Ghee Rice ...........

Pudina / Mint leaves are very aromatic and are very good for health. Gongura (sorrel leaves / Ambadi / Pulicha Keerai) is a leafy vegetable which has a sour taste and can be used in the place of tamarind. U can prepare chutney out of gongura leaves and also use them in curries. I had plenty of gongura leaves at home so thought of using it for sourness in the egg curry instead of adding tamarind.

Ghee rice is the easiest recipe for spiced rice and goes very well with egg curry. The rice has only a mild aroma of spices and is quite bland, and takes in the flavour of whichever curry it is served with very well. However do not overcook the Ghee rice, lest it gets into a lump / mashed sort and then lacks both the luster and taste. 

Serve the following dishes hot and freshly cooked. 

I have added the links to both the recipe below please refer to the links for the curry and rice.

** For the Recipe of Pudina (Mint) Gongura (Sorrel leaves) Egg Curry, please refer the following link ……

** For the Recipe of Ghee Rice, please refer the following link ……

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