Monday, June 15, 2015

Mango Ice Cream - 1.

“Mango Ice Cream” ….. Oh for those lovely scoops of Ice Cream in summer. Come summer and people flock to the Ice Cream centers for that lovely, creamy, soft and melting dessert. And summer is also the season of Alphonso Mangoes which are considered to be the king of mangoes in terms of sweetness, richness and that awesome flavour. And when you prepare creamy Ice Cream with them, there is simply no saying ‘NO’ to a bowl of this delicious Ice Cream. There is absolutely no need to add on anything else to this tasty bowl of Ice Cream …… Go ahead and simply enjoy this Creamy~Delicious~Tasty Homemade Mango Ice Cream … Yuuuuumz … Simply Heavenly …

Ice Creams are everybody’s favorite. Almost everybody likes Ice Cream. There so many flavors to choose from that a person is confused for choice. Then there are more of mix and match flavour too ... then there are those prepared with fresh fruits too. 

Preparation of Ice Cream in the olden days was a bit difficult. However with modern technologies and the coming up of refrigeration system has made this possible in every household. Today everybody enjoys these scoops of different flavors of Ice Cream in their homes. 

Ice Cream is a blend of cream of milk, milk, sugar and flavors or fresh fruit pulps. Branded Ice Cream contain in them stabilizers, emulsifiers, sometimes eggs or egg yolk solids or some other ingredients. But the modern health awareness has changed it in many a ways in the making of Ice Cream. Pulped fruits have come in instead of artificial flavors. Preparation of simple and fast consumed Ice Creams are made at home to enjoy healthy and yummy deserts.

Here is the simple Method for Making of Mango Ice Cream -1 :
In a blender add the pulp of 3 large sized Alphonso magoes after peeling the skin and discarding the seed. Add ½ - ¾ cup of sugar, 1 cup of full fat cold milk, 2 tblsp of milk powder and blend it well to get a smooth paste. Always use mangoes that have no fiborous flesh in them for Ice Creams. Alphonso mangoes are the Best for Ice Creams both colour, texture and also tastewise.

You will need around 4 cups of fresh cold malai. I used the fresh cream I collect from heating full fat milk and keeping them in fridge to 24 hours. I have always get a better textured Ice Cream when I use the fresh home malai / cream as the fat content is much more than the one’s available in Market. But you can also use 400ml of Milk cream available in tetra packs in the stores(at least 40% fat one’s) for an equally good Ice Cream.

Add the really cold 4 cups of Malai / cream of milk to the mango paste and further blend for a good 5 minutes. Remove and pour in a food grade plastic box with tight lid. Put it in the freezer. Remove after 5-6 hours once it is set. Cut it to large chunks and run it in the mixer once again, you will find grinding a bit difficult as the Ice Cream has become smoother and heavier. So add half of it at a time and remove before blending the other half. Pour it in the box again and freeze overnight.

Remove the Ice Cream 5-10 minutes before serving. Make scoops out of the Ice Cream with the help of a rounded thick spoon and serve immediately.

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