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Kadgi Chakko With Ambado / Raw Jackfruit Dry Masala With Hog Plum.

Kadgi Chakko Method 2:  Kadgi Chakko With Ambado / Raw Jackfruit Dry Masala With Hog Plum ......  I have already posted Kadgi chakko before the recipe remains the same except I have used mixed chillies and hogplum instead of tamarind. Repeating the making process once again here …

Tender Raw Jackfruit is used in the preparation of Chakko. The inner seeds of which are very tender and soft. Chakko is a typical GSB dry curry famously known as kadge chakko meaning Raw Jackfruit chakko / a dry masala curry with raw jackfruit..

Remove the outer spiked rough skin of raw jackfruit until you get a smooth surface. Always apply oil to your left hand and the knife by which you are going to cut jackfruit so that the rubbery liquid does not stick to the knife and hands. Use newspaper to wipe away the sticky milky rubberish liquid that will ooze out while you cut the jackfruit. However do not be disheartened if the knife gets sticky. Just heat it directly on the gas top and rub off with a tissue paper and you knife will come out clean. But please do be careful, and keep hands on the handle far away. Cut the jackfruit further into quarters lengthwise and remove the center thick white sticky portion. Be careful as to retain a fine length of piece as the jackfruit with seeds cling to this and if you chop off core completely the pieces will fall apart. Cut the jackfruit into 1 inch x 1 inch thick pieces. 

You should have about 4-5 cups of jackfruit pieces. Smear the inner walls of the cooker and lid also with some oil so that the jackfruit stickiness does not get stuck to the cooker and washing of the utensil become tough later on. Wash and put the jackfruit pieces into the cooker. 

Add water to about 1/3 level and pressure cook to 2 whistle back to back. Do not add excess water as the jackfruit will then overcook and you will get mashed jackfruit. Now let the pressure drop on its own. Remove the lid and drain the water. Mash the jackfruit roughly and keep it ready aside.

For preparing of the Masala: Heat a small pan with 1 tblsp of oil, when hot add 1 tblsp of urad dal and fry till slight colour changes, now add 2 tsp of coriander seeds and fry both till light brown, add in 2-3 Kashmiri red chillies and 2-3 normal spicy chillies and fry for few minutes. Remove cool a bit and grind to a semi-fine paste with 1 heaped cup of fresh grated coconut. Use the strained jackfruit cooked water to grind if available.(note that the ground paste should not be very fine nor very coarse).

To prepare the Chakko : Heat 2 tblsp of oil in a thick bottomed kadai, add in the ground masala, add washed and mashed to 2 pieces 3-4 ambado / hogplum and a small piece of jaggery ( Jaggery is optional, you can add if you like, I do not add it as I prefer chakko on spicier side). Cook on low heat till bubbles appear. 

Add water if necessary to make it like a very thick gravy (It thickens out once you add in the jackfruit pieces so do not worry). When boiled add in the mashed raw jackfruit, salt and mix well. 

For tempering: Heat 1 tsp of oil in a small pan, when hot add 1tsp of sasam(Rai), when it splutter add 8-10 curry leaves fry a bit and pour this hot seasoning over the curry and mix well. 

Cover the kadai and cook on low heat by mixing ofter so that it does not get burnt at the bottom for a good 15-20 minutes. 

The masala dries out and sticks to the jackfruit pieces well. Keep checking the water quantity so that the chakko does not become too dry nor too watery.

Serve chakko hot by pouring over it coconut oil while serving (Optional). Serve with Dalitoy and Rice of Chapati.

Note : You can add ¼ tsp of methi seeds too while frying urad dal and coriander seeds.

** For the Recipe of Kadgi Chakko adding just tamarind please refer the link given below .....

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