Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Chilled White Muskmelon Juice.

Musk melon / Kharbuja / Cantaloupe / Chibbada juice ……..

Musk melon juice is very good for health and is available in abundance during summer months. It has lot of cooling properties. Juice prepared out of musk melon should be consumed immediately. There are many other items that can be prepared with this fruit. 

It is also prepared by chopping into small pieces and adding to coconut milk to which jaggery has been added. Called by the name “Chibbada harshala” it is a famous GSB / Saraswat dish, served sometimes with thin / thick pova (beaten rice). I have already posted the dish here before. Please check on the sweet section.

For preparing the Juice: Cut the musk melon into two, remove the center seeds and cut the into pieces after removing off the outside hard skin. 

In a blender add abou 4 cups of chopped Muskmelon, 1 cup of chilled water or crushed ice cubes, ½ cup of sugar and blend well till fine and sugar has mixed in well. You should get a thick pulp.

Add more sugar if necessary. The quantity of sugar to be added actually depends upon how sweet the musk melon is. 

Remove in a vessel and add the juice of 1 freshly squeezed lemon. Add ice cubes and serve it immediately garnished with a few pudina / mint leaves (Optional).

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