Sunday, June 14, 2015

Chilled Cold Coffee Milk Shake.

Chilled Cold Coffee Milk Shake .......... 

Children, Youngsters and Elders …… at some point of time, all do get tired of having the same old milk, coffee or tea every day … day after day. When summer or when one feels too hot, it is always a joy to drink something cool and healthy. 

Change is always welcome to everyone, especially when it comes to food. Everybody likes eating or drinking something different from time to time. Coffee Milkshake is a good option to quench that thirst while its sweating hot outdoors. Easy to prepare too. Can be made in a jiffy.

Drinking cold fresh juices are always the best option. But what when one has the craving to drink a coffee and at the same time would like something cold to beat the heat. At such a time Chilled Cold Coffee is the best of option. It is really soothing and welcome to beat the heat.

Here is the Method for Cold Chilled Coffee Milk Shake …. Go ahead and Enjoy….:)

Prepare a decoction out of coffee decoction powder by brewing it in a percolator. I always have some coffee decoction ready in my fridge at home. You can also use Instant coffee powder on itself. I have used both decoction and Instant coffee powder here. In case of using only Instant Coffee powder increase the quantity and add about 2-3 tblsp of the same.

In a blender add 2 cups of full fat chilled milk, ½ cup of coffee decoction, 1 tsp of Instant Coffee Powder, 2 tblsp of Cocoa powder / any chocolate mix, 2 tblsp of milk powder, ½ cup of sugar and a few crushed Ice Cubes. Blend on high speed for a minute or till the sugar has mixed well. Now add 3-4 scoops of Vanilla ice cream (I used ready made Vanilla Ice Cream) and blend again until frothy and smooth in texture. 

Coffee Milk Shake is ready. If too thick add in some crushed ice cubes and blend for a minute or two. Pour it into serving glasses. Sprinkle some Instant Coffee Powder and Serve immediately.

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