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Biscuit Ambado With Coconut Chutney.

Biscuit Ambado With Coconut Chutney ...............

Biscuit Ambado is an Manglorean dish famous all round the world. Don’t be mislead by the name Biscuit, thinking it has got to do something with biscuits ….. absolutely not. There is no connection whatsoever to the two. These are actually urad dal dumplings which tastes absolutely yummy when eaten with chutney or sambar. When they are fried into round shape they are called Biscuit Ambado and when the same is fried by making a hole in the centre (similar to doughnuts) they are called Vada’s. Biscuit ambade / vada /medu vadas are some of the names by which this dumplings go by. They are popularly served along with idlis, sambar and chutney in almost all South Indian Hotels especially in Mangalore, Udupi side.

Method of Preparation : Wash and soak 2 cups of urad dal in plenty of water for 2 hrs. Remove wash again and drain in a collander,keep it like that aside for another 10-15 minutes till all excess water drains off.

Grind the urad dal to a fine paste by just sprinkling water now and then. Do not at any stage add more than a tsp of water. The paste should not be thin or runny. You should get a thick paste or else the ambado when fried will absorb oil. Remove the paste in a bowl. Add 1 tsp of hing powder / 1 tblsp ginger pieces, salt to taste, 5-6 curry leaves chopped, 4-5 green chillies chopped into rings mix well. You can also add some coconut pieces. 

Heat oil in a thick bottomed kadai for deep frying. When the oil reaches smoking point, lower the heat and wait for 5 minutes. Add in a pinch of the paste for testing the oil heat, if it forms into a ball and comes up immediately, the oil is hot enough. Keep the heat to medium now and add in a lemon sized balls of paste into the hot oil. Be careful, add gently into the oil so that it does not splutter. 

Frequently dip your hands in water and then form the paste into balls. This helps in getting round shaped balls and also enables the balls to slip easily into the oil. Add 5-6 ambado at a time depending off course on the size of the kadai, you can add more or less. Keep the heat constant, by lowering if too hot and increasing if you find it getting cold.

Allow the biscuit ambado to cook in the oil for a few minutes, then keep turning them frequently to get crispy and evenly fried. This will take somewhere between 5-7 minutes depending upon the size of the ambado. When they turn crispy and golden remove and keep it on an absorbent paper for the excess oil to drain off. 

Serve the Biscuit Ambado with Coconut chutney or Sambar for breakfast or tiffin.

** For the Recipe of Coconut Chutney Please follow the following link ..........

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