Saturday, June 13, 2015

Apple Raw Mango Panna / Juice.

Apple Raw Mango Panna / Juice ........  A delicious thirst quencher prepared from raw mangoes and apple .... Serve this chilled .... Added on some Sabja which has immense coolant properties ...... Yummiclicious ..... 

Wash and wipe one large sized apple. Cut it into pieces and put it in a blender. 

Add 1 cup of Sparkling white Raw Mango panna juice and blend to a smooth paste. Add more juice for blending if required. Remove in a vessel and add 2 cups of mango panna juice. Strain and mix well. Check the sweetness and add sugar if necessary only. 

Serve chilled in tall glasses adding a tsp of of soaked sabja seeds in each glass. 

** For the Recipe of Mango Panna, Please follow the link given below …..

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