Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sanna Khotto / Idly.

Sanna Khotto a Spicy Idly with Rice, Cabbage and Onion ...... Steam Cooked in weaved jackfruit leaves baskets ..........

Sanna khotto / Idly / Polo is a spicy type of Idly / Dosa served during lunch / dinner time with Dal chawal in konkani (GSB) / Saraswat household. It is served hot topped with a tblsp of coconut oil poured over it. 

There are variations in preparing this dish. The basic ground paste remains the same so does raw rice ground / Idly rava added to it. However tuvar dal is added by some while some do not add it. Chopped cabbage and onions are added to the same. But during festival times or fasting days onions are not included for religious reasons. I have posted Sanna Khotto here that is prepared without adding tuvar dal. I have already posted the Idly method to which rice, tuvar dal, cabbage and onions were added. This is for a change. However I recommend adding tuvar dal, cabbage and onions as they taste simply awesome. I will add the sanna polo when I prepare the same.

Chop 1 large or 2 medium sized onions finely. Also chop finely a large piece of cabbage to get at least 2 cups of the same. Keep it ready aside.

To Grind : Grind to a fine paste 1 cup of freshly grated coconut with 8-10 Red chillies (I used kashmiri) and a small marble sized tamarind to a smooth paste. Keep this aside ready.

In a large bowl mix together the ground paste, onions, cabbage, salt to taste and about 2 cups of Idly rava. Mix well. The mixture should be thicker than that of Idly batter. Add water if the mixture is dry and some more Idly rava if the mixture is thinner. Do not add too much off Idly rava lest the mixture will crumble after steaming. You should be able to give it a bit of shape when holding in hand.

Pour the mixture into the Jackfruit leaves baskets (I have already given the method of preparing jackfruit leaves baskets) or you can pour it into Idly moulds or pan which ever suits you and fits well inside the pedavan / Idly steamer. 

Steam the khottos for 30-40 minutes. Remove and let cool a bit before you gently unmould them from whichever method you have used to make the khottos. Serve hot during lunch / dinner time with Dal chawal. You can add a tblsp of coconut oil on top of the hot Khotto / Idly. 

** For the Recipe of Sanna Khotto / Idly with tuvar dal please refer the link given below ……..

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