Sunday, May 24, 2015

Thali ........... 3.

Simple Lunch ............. 
Rice with Curds ....... "McCain Smiles" and Homemade Mixed Vegetable Pickle.......

Sometimes either due to hectic work schedule there is really no mood nor time to cook something fresh and nice. Curds are something that come in handy to all during such times. I always prepare plenty of curds and keep it in the fridge which has a good shelf life of about 3-4 days. There so many simple dishes that can be churned up when laziness takes over, specially after heavy dinner the before day. During such times, i just cook rice, add to it thick curds with a pinch of salt mix well, sometimes i season it, sometimes just relish it with homemade pickle and papad. 

I had some McCain Smiles in the freezer. So just deep fried some and had it with rice and curds with mixed vegetable pickle to tickle my taste buds. This simple food was really awesome and also good during summer months when the stomach prefers going light due to lot of thirst. 

** Note : Here is the link to the Recipe of Homemade Mixed Vegetable Pickle ......

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