Saturday, May 2, 2015

Idly frywith Tomato Ketchup

Idly fry ....... with Tomato Ketchup ........... 

Idly with chutney or sambar for breakfast is the most common staple form of diet in the southern parts of India. 

There are many types of Idly both for breakfast and spicy one's for lunch. However there are many amount of dishes again  prepared out of the steamed Idly. I will keep adding as and when i prepare. 

However here are Idly fries one of most enjoyed snack by children when they come back tired from school or after a enjoyable game. Idly fry is best prepared with homemade ghee. You can use any ghee, but please avoid using oil as the Idlies do not turn out tasty if used oil. 

Cut each Idly horizontally into two pieces evenly. Apply ghee on both sides of the pieces and fry them on hot tava on medium heat till its evenly browned on both sides.

Remove and serve with tomato ketchup / any dip / chutney of your choice. 

Note: To get neat round / equal cuts of Idly, keep the steamed Idly in fridge for 6-8 hours or overnight. They become stiff and a bit hard and are easier to cut evenly. They become crisp on outer side and soft inside when fried and are a delight to eat as a snack during tea break.

** Please refer the link given below for the preparation of Idly ...............

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