Saturday, May 30, 2015

Chilled Ripe Mango Lassi.

Chilled Ripe Mango Lassi with Coriander, Pudina & Tulsi ............

Mumbai is very famous for Lassi same as the Northern parts of India. In Mumbai now we get different flavoured lassi's and its a pleasure to relish these during summer months. Lassi available in many a stores are very thick and sometimes you have to have them with a spoon. I keep the lassi I make thick but easy to drink as I do not like having lassi with a spoon. Also I prepare the Lassi with skimmed milk curds instead of full fat milk which is healthier. This is a lassi that is great to be had during summer as it has all the coolant properties. Enjoy this during any time of the day and you will simply love the taste of mango in it.

Peel the skin of one large sized ripe Alphonso Mango and squeeze out and remove the pulp off fully as much as possible, discard the inner seed. I always use Alphonso mango as it imparts an excellent taste and aroma, you can use any sweet mango that is available in your vicinity.

In a blender add 1 tablespoon of coriander leaves, 4-5 pudina / mint leaves, 4-5 tulsi leaves, 1 teaspoon of roasted jeera powder, pinch of salt, ½ cup of sugar and blend well without adding water.

Add in the extracted mango pulp and 2 cups of thick sweet skimmed milk curds, 1 cup of water and blend well to a smooth paste. Add more water if necessary.

The Lassi texture should be thick, but of pouring consistency.

Serve chilled garnished with a few coriander / pudina leaves.

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