Thursday, May 28, 2015

Bhendi and Raw Mango Bhaji with Phulkas.

Bhendi and Raw Mango Bhaji with Phulkas ........

I have already posted Bhendi and Raw Mango Bhaji and the Pulkas separately here. There are endless dishes that can be posted with phulkas. Roti / phulkas as flattened Indian type of bread which is the staple diet of millions of people all round the Country. 

India being a country of many a culture and religion the food habits of Indians vary from state to state, religion to religion. However there are some dishes that remain common among Indians one of them being Roti. 

Roti is more famous on the northern parts of Indian than the Southern part. However the migration of people from one place to another has made this staple diet well known all round the country. Now Roti / Phulkas are enjoyed by all Indian all round the country.

I have posted the making of phulkas which is more common in Maharashtra. Roti making is an art that has to mastered to get good roti / chapati / phulka. But the task is not that difficult if a person sets his heart in making of the same. Some practice, desire and the love for food will make you perfect in this task. So go ahead and enjoy making roti's for your loved near and dear one's and serve them with curry / bhaji of your choice.


** Please refer to the link give below for Phulka ..........

** Please refer to the link given below for Bhendi and Raw Mango Bhaji ......

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