Sunday, May 17, 2015

Beetroot Raita / Salad.

Beetroot Raita / Salad .............

This is a salad / Raita that is served cold. The raita is light on stomach and good to beat the heat during summer months. Beetroot is also very good for health and has lot of benefits while the curds are good for digestion. 

Peel the skin of 2 medium sized beetroot and grate them on medium sized grater. Put the grated beetroot in a bowl and add one cup of thick beaten curds to it. Now add salt to taste, ½ tsp of hing powder, 1 tsp of coarsely powder black pepper powder, 1 tblsp grated ginger and mix well. Garnish with roasted melon and cashew pieces. 

Keep the beetroot raita mixture in fridge and serve it cold with Pulav or any other curry and roti as a side dish. Add the melon and cashew just before serving.

My Tip: I Micro Wave the Melon seeds and Cashew nut bits in bulk (one cup of melon seeds + 2 cups of cashew nut bits) and keep it in an airtight container. They come in handy and save a lot of time. Just sprinkle a tblsp or two when needed as dressing on any salad or dish.

** Note: You can season this beetroot raita by heating a tsp of oil in a small pan, when hot add ½ tsp of Rai (Sasam) and when it splutters add some curry leaves and pour over the raita.

Here is a picture of the same..........

For the recipe of beetroot curd salad with seasoning please refer the link below ............

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